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My good friend Debbie Hodge is teaching an online class “Scrap Your Everyday Life” that begins next Friday (Jan 18th) at You can download a FREE SAMPLE CLASS right here. Cost is $25 for 10 sessions (pdf lesson, sketches, gallery, and active forums).

Download class00_ajpdr.pdf

The class has 10 sessions and each of these ten sessions covers four areas of scrapbooking everyday life. In this sample class those areas and their focus are:

1) subject prompts & angles: “Everyday Epiphanies”
2) page parts: “The Canvas”
3) design: “White Space”
4) put it to work: “The Sketches” (four sketches)

Want to sign up?
1) Register at the NYCScraps Forums and get a forum name (select “register” at the top of the screen).

2) go to PAYPAL and login (or register). Go to My Account. Select SEND MONEY.
Send: $25 to
On the next page, in “message to recipient” enter the name of the class (Scrap Your Everyday Life) AND your NYCScraps Forum ID (that ID you just got.)

If you have any questions, email Debbie at