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Wow. It’s been eons since I updated this blog. Life has gotten in the way. I had the best of intentions but other things have come up. I’m hoping things will calm down now. We’ll see.

What’s new? Well…I had an assignment from CK for the August issue. They wanted to introduce some of the new HOFers to the readers. We will be introduced in the August, September and October issues. Talk about nerve-wracking! We all had to tell them where we went on vacation last and got that assignment or a different one based on our answers – Ireland must have sounded glamorous because they wanted a new layout about our trip. I had to use some interesting stickers they provided – not my taste, but I didn’t feel up to saying no! Fortunately all went well and they liked my layout. Others had to modify theirs – apparently that is not unexpected, which is good information to know!

I also had another layout picked up from the CK gallery for the August issue’s readers gallery! It never rains but it pours !