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Today’s quote:

If you want anything to actually change or to move ahead in your life you actually have to do it yourself, you can’t sit there and wait for somebody to talk about what you might want. . . you should actually keep dreams and desires inside and let them burn a little bit, and then they might come true.

-Russell Crowe

Boy do I ever need a new month! I’m pretty good at restarting, getting back up on the proverbial horse but I do need a little reminder now and again to focus. I finally figured out what my word for the year should be…focus. I need to spend a little time thinking/focusing on what exactly I want and then make a plan to get there. It’s too easy to drift along. Right now I’m doing ok in that department. Then again, it’s the first of the month and my favorite time for a fresh start. Let’s see if I feel that way all day! Happy March everybody!