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ETA: Something happened and my links got all messed up but they are fixed now and Debbie kindly extended my special offer of 40% off (+the entry in the drawing to get a refund plus a free class) until next Tuesday 3/19. My apologies to anyone who tried and failed to avail of the offer yesterday. Try now!

Debbie has done it again – she developed a new class that blew me away. Her latest effort: Tension Story Focus and Flow includes 10 lessons to step up your scrapbooking.


This class takes you beyond the basic design principles with concepts to take your layouts to the next level. I was one of the teachers of the Critique Workshops that were offered last Fall – I know I learned a lot even as a teacher of the workshop and I’ve learned even more with this new class. Debbie developed this class from advice that was given often in that workshop, and from studying layouts for hours and hours, seeing what worked, and what didn’t.

Debbie has graciously let me give my readers a special offer. Buy Tension Story Focus and Flow by next Saturday (3/16) using my link and be entered in a drawing for a full refund PLUS a 2nd free class Scrapbook Page Layering. Be sure to use my link to be entered in the drawing. But there’s more! I’ve got a limited-time discount coupon (until Saturday 3/16 Tuesday 3/19) for 40% off the regular price of $48. Use coupon code: tsffwpaulagilarde

Go! Get the class – you won’t be sorry that you did.